Spiritual Leadership at Home

We get it.  Kids get distracted.  Babies get tired. Dads get sleepy. 

Yet, for fathers and mothers, there is nothing more important than caring for your family's physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.  

Many don't know how to do it. Many are too embarrassed or uncomfortable to start family worship time. Many don't like to read or sing out loud. 

We've got ideas to help.

Spiritual Resources for the Home

Try something with your family. Some prefer to read from a devotional book after dinner; others prefer to celebrate a service from the hymnal; still others prefer to read the Bible and offer prayers. Different things work for different families. It may take weeks, months, or years to find a rhythm.

The important thing is to DO something with your family to thank and praise God!

There are so many resources. We offer a few:

Lutheran Daily Services and House Prayers

The Lutheran Hymnal

Small Catechism Daily Prayers

Online Bible Reading Plan